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IceZilla Lighting/Drip Tray Kit

Our new Deluxe Lighting/Drip Tray Kit offers an easy approach for illuminating your IceZilla.

The Kit Includes:

IceZilla Lighting/Drip Tray
Lighting Compartment Insert
Waterproof LED (color of your choice)


We don’t call it “rock star lighting” for nothing. Check out the photo gallery on the website for some inspiration, and add some lighting effects to your next soiree. As we always say, there’s something about colorful lights that makes people happy and our lighting kit and tray makes it super easy to add pizzaz to your IceHole experience.

The Lighting Tray allows you to position one or a dozen LED lights below the frozen IceZilla. The LED lights are reusable and available in a variety of colors. So, match lighting effects to the party theme, show off your team's colors, create a holiday mood, or simply showcase IceZilla as the star of the show.
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Light Color:

est. ship date: 1/1/2020
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Item Specifications:
Comes with replaceable (2) CR2032 batteries; average illumination life span is 20-30 hours; waterproof; measurements: 1x1.25 inches